Crazy People

by The Weeping Willards

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The Weeping Willards are Danny Abowd, Jesse Gottlieb and Isaac Schwartz

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released September 1, 2012

Copyright 2012 the Weeping Willards, Whomping Records, Songs for Dessert
All rights reserved
Produced by the Weeping Willards
Recorded and mixed by Jesse Gottlieb and the Weeping Willards
Mastered by John Carter and New Vine Media at Masterview Studios in Ithaca, NY
Special Thanks to Lars Vilhuber and family, Irby and Heidi Lovette, Fred Schwartz, Wayne Gottlieb and Susan Suarez

© 2012 The Weeping Willards, Whomping Records, and Songs For Dessert


all rights reserved



The Weeping Willards Ithaca

The Weeping Willards bundle concise melodies, vintage tones and funky grooves with skillful songwriting. They love variety; imagine Duke Ellington crossing Abbey Road eating CAKE. From Ithaca, NY, the Willards comprise Danny Abowd, Jesse Gottlieb and Isaac Schwartz. ... more

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Track Name: We Must Be Crazy

Her faux magnolia tone
When he called her telephone
He never heard her voice at all that night
So he piled up her clothes
But she ran in with a hose
And sprayed him down before his match could light

I must be crazy
I must be crazy
But you're still here lying next to me
You like me crazy
You like me crazy
I guess, I guess
I guess I better stick around

Then at the bar she's bored
She grabs the microphone
They've never been to karaoke night
Her sloppy reggaeton
Half gargle, half a moan
He joins her at the end – oh what a sight

You must be crazy
You must be crazy
Cause you're still here lying next to me
I love your crazy
I love your crazy
You bet, you bet
You better, better stick around

'In the most technical terms that I can, the most recent research...uses a bipartite, dynamic graph model...models fit by a Gibbs sampler which is a simplification of a Markov Chain Monte adjacency matrix in period T to an adjacency matrix in period T + 1... a multi-level stochastic explain the evolution of employee-employer matches over part of a model that explains wage rate determination in those job matches.'

They'll walk the streets alone
At seven in the morn
No stop until they've quenched their appetite
And if they ever scorn
Competing waffle stores
They'll pray to God or Aunt Jemima Lite

We must be crazy
We must be crazy
Cause how the hell did we forget to sleep?
I love you crazy
I love you crazy
You bet, you bet
You better

You're still here lying next to me
I love your crazy
I love your crazy
I'm set, I'm set
I guess I better stick around

Guess I better stick around

Danny: lead vocals, piano
Jesse: bass, electric guitars, flugelhorn, percussion, vocals
Isaac: acoustic guitar
Jeff Samataro: drums
Mike LoPinto: harmonica
John Abowd, Janet Abowd, Lars Vilhuber, Kevin McKinney, Alicia Goldberg, Amandine Kaya: nerd party
Track Name: People I Know

I know a girl who is pretty and smart
But she doesn't do well with even light criticism
And when you present her with a brand new problem
Then her first reaction is to stand on her head

Oh, what to do?
This girl can't think of something new

And I know a boy who's creative and different
But he is so sensitive and he just can't stay focused
I think he has problems at home with his family
But he will not talk – no, he just rides his bike

Oh, what to do?
These people I know, they can't improve
And oh, what to say?
When they talk to you in their unreasonable way
Do you agree
Or shut them up, oh so factually?

And I know a man who is simple and pure
But he just doesn't have something to call his own
I tell my friend Roger, “now you should not bother
By simply responding with a damaging word.”

Oh, what to do?
These people I know, they can't improve
And oh, what to say?
When they talk to you in their unreasonable way
Do you agree
Or shut them up, oh so factually?
I don't want to be mean
But I don't think they are what we need

Danny: trombone, acoustic guitar, vocals
Jesse: bass, trumpet, percussion
Isaac: lead vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele, percussion
Jeff: drums
Miriam Nussbaum: flute
Alexander Shuhan: french horn
Ariel Aicher: oboe
Josh Malison: bassoon
Mary Kate Smith: conversation
Track Name: Madeleine

Did you hear me when I whispered?
Did you hear me when I cried?

I'm beside my
I'm so damn lucky to be yours

Did you call my name before dear?
Or did the wind know where to find?

Is your Appalachian sunrise
This pale reflection in my bed?

Danny: lead vocals, piano, trombone
Jesse: acoustic bass, electric bass, acoustic guitar, trumpet, percussion
Isaac: electric guitars
Alexander Shuhan: french horn
Sam Sadovnic: violin
Track Name: A Long Year

Get on the plough
The captain's crowd
Will meet you there
If you're not terrified
If this is real

High on the mountain
Far from town
They'll hear your call
This coming fall
If this is real

For we don't belong here
Been a long year
How about ten more?

And if a cold wind
Blows in again

Out in the night
A parasite
Invents a crown
And takes a bow
His isn't real

His is the far cry
The outlier
The sham

I drank his wine
It tasted just like water tastes like mine
He's a metronome with garden statue pride
He's long on polyester, short on time

We don't belong here
It's a long year
Hey what's the score?

Bilbo Baggins!
Shaggy, Velma, Daphne!
A-solvin' mysteries!

So get on the plough
The captain's bow
Still sails your way
If you're awake, or no

Danny: lead vocals, piano, trombone, acoustic guitar, percussion
Jesse: bass, electric guitars, acoustic guitar, trumpet, percussion, vocals
Isaac: ukulele
Jeff: drums
Libby Lewis: saxophones
Robert Araujo: clarinet
Miriam Nussbaum: flute
Dan Paolangeli: percussion
Wayne Gottlieb: merrymaking
Track Name: Printemps Again

Willow smile
Stay a while
Other shores may rain
Your blouse may stain
But smiles maintain your mind

Window shining
Through the blinds
What a consolation
Consummated prize
Ah, le voilà

C'est le printemps again

On y va
Ooo là, là-bas
Serais désolé
Serais allé hier
Mais non, ça va

Danny: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Jesse: vocals
Isaac: ukulele, vocals
Track Name: When I Die

I see people I will never know
Tell me why they would ever start to show

And people on the street as they're walking by
Same old chair sitting to my right
I put you down in your glossy page
You're still there in your old age
I want to talk to you
When I die

Danny: trombone, percussion, vocals
Jesse: bass, acoustic guitar, flute, percussion, vocals
Isaac: lead vocals, electric guitar, percussion