Babe (Schwartz)

When I wake up I hear those freeway sounds.
I drive to work on the asphalt and turnaround.
I buy my lunch from a man I don’t know,
And when I get home I just watch my television.

Sometimes I try to list the things I know.
I start with plants, the C’s, and people on the radio.
I don’t get far, and I don’t try for long,
Because when I get home I just Google that bitch.

And I don’t know, Babe.
So you better fucking hurry up and sue me
Before I get a lawyer to prove you wrong.
And in its place, Babe,
You can get a big old dump
McDonald’s will always come along.

Strangers on the street I see that I could help.
I try my second best and leave like I would sell.
Some things go wrong and others go right,
But I don’t really care because that’s not my fight


from Where There's a Willard, released June 17, 2010
Danny - Keyboards, Trombone, Vocals
Jesse - Bass, Trumpet, Cowbell, Vocals
Mike - Drums
Isaac - Guitars, Trumpet, Lead Vocals
Dana Billings - Additional Percussion


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The Weeping Willards Ithaca

The Weeping Willards bundle concise melodies, vintage tones and funky grooves with skillful songwriting. They love variety; imagine Duke Ellington crossing Abbey Road eating CAKE. From Ithaca, NY, the Willards comprise Danny Abowd, Jesse Gottlieb and Isaac Schwartz. ... more

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