Once there was this king who ruled a whole kingdom,
It was a whole lot of people and he had a whole system.
So he made a bunch of laws and he set executions,
But they didn’t really give a damn and they weren’t really with him.

He kept on going just the way that he planned,
He figured that some day they would understand.
He tried and he tried but he was so misunderstood,
That there were times he pushed on when he didn’t think he should.

He tried for so damn long, but he couldn’t get away.
He cried for so damn long, but they couldn’t understand the motives of a man.

All through their ways the people were so set,
They didn’t have to change because they hadn’t yet.
They didn’t think to look and they didn’t look to think,
For all that they knew is, “wasn’t they on that brink?”

A long time later, the king was looking back,
He laughed at himself but he couldn’t change all that.
He thought himself foolish, he thought himself dumb.
But then he realized that they were those ones.


from Where There's a Willard, released June 17, 2010
Motives of a Man (Schwartz)

Danny - Keyboards, Vocals
Jesse - Bass
Mike - Drums
Isaac - Guitars, Lead Vocals


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The Weeping Willards Ithaca

The Weeping Willards bundle concise melodies, vintage tones and funky grooves with skillful songwriting. They love variety; imagine Duke Ellington crossing Abbey Road eating CAKE. From Ithaca, NY, the Willards comprise Danny Abowd, Jesse Gottlieb and Isaac Schwartz. ... more

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